Easy Topiary Style Easter Centerpiece

Easy Topiary Style Easter Centerpiece

Easy Topiary Style Easter Centerpiece

I buy them every year.

Those adorable Easter eggs that pop up everywhere as soon as spring comes around!

How can I resist!

I’m sure you know which eggs I’m talking about. The eggs that are perfect for filling up the kid’s Easter baskets, or those fun egg hunts, or even just for decorating around the house.

I found those beautiful sparkly eggs you see up top at my local dollar store just a couple of months ago.

Gotta love the dollar store!

These eggs are a little different from the eggs I normally buy. They are foam and came as a garland which you’ll see below but I decided to take them off of their string and use them in a vase with a pretty light yellow hydrangea that I found about a month ago at Michaels…

It took some brainstorming to figure out what to do with my flower and eggs as well as how to get the flower to stand straight up in the vase once I knew that was the look I wanted but eventually I got it.

Once I was done I ended up with what (I think) resembles a beautiful topiary tree!

ok here we go…

Easy Topiary Style Easter Centerpiece

Easy Topiary Style Easter Centerpiece - The Semi Organized Ant

Here’s what I used:

White foam eggs from the dollar store

One yellow hydrangea from Michaels

Vase, also from the dollar store

ok now here’s what I did:

First the eggs…

As you can see above, the eggs are attached to a string for hanging but I knew that wasn’t going to work for this centerpiece so I removed them from the string by using a scissor to cut each egg off one by one.

Now I moved on to filling my vase with the eggs and flower.

(FYI: My hydrangea had a super long stem when I first got it so I cut it down with a wire cutter to fit the vase)

So here’s where I was a little (really) frustrated with this centerpiece…

My hydrangea kept falling to the side after I placed it in the vase and filled it with my eggs. The eggs alone were not enough to hold the flower in place.

How dare those eggs…

So I needed to figure out a way to keep the hydrangea standing up straight in the vase.

I ended up fixing this by making a hole with the stem of my flower into another foam egg that thankfully I had from last year (because I couldn’t bring myself to ruining one of my beautiful new white eggs ☺️)

Then I stuck that egg into my flower…

And placed my flower with that egg into the vase to start filling it with the white eggs

Once I reached the top I gently placed (forced) a couple of eggs around the hydrangea to anchor it in place and give it some extra support. I really had to force the eggs because the opening of the vase is kind of narrow but it worked out great and really helped to hold everything in place.

and that’s it!

Now I have a beautiful Easter centerpiece…

that apparently….

likes to pose for my camera…

from every direction 😉

ok friends, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way…May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come

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Easy Topiary Style Easter Centerpiece - The Semi Organized Ant

Easy Topiary Style Easter Centerpiece - The Semi Organized Ant