How to Decorate for Christmas With Items You Already Have

How to Decorate for Christmas With Items You Already Have

I love shopping for Christmas decorations, but they can get costly if you’re not careful.

I try to pick up as much as I can from places like the dollar store. But you know what’s even more affordable than the dollar store?

Making use of what you already have at home!

So I decided to share a few simple and easy ways to decorate for Christmas that won’t cost you any money.

Here’s a look at what I did:

First, you can use a large serving bowl as a base to create a beautiful centerpiece:

A dish towel with festive colors, like this one, works great under any centerpiece (or use a scarf as a runner, a pillowcase neatly folded down, or a fabric napkin):

Make use of any ornaments that are not being used for the tree to create that beautiful centerpiece:

(In case your wondering, yes that’s me taking the photo in the large silver balls in the center. Lol!  😄 I couldn’t figure out where to position myself to avoid that)

Put it all together to form your centerpiece:

(There I am again in those silver balls 😂)

Next, repurpose a throw or blanket as a tree skirt:

So there you have it! A few ways to make use of items you probably already have on hand to decorate for Christmas. Hope you try some of these tips in your home today!

Here are a few budget-friendly Christmas decor ideas! Easy to create using what you already have at home