Valentine’s Day Centerpiece – Using Items I Already Have

Valentine’s Day Centerpiece – Using Items I Already Have

Valentine’s Day Centerpiece – Using Items I Already Have

I love faux flowers.

They take up a lot of my (very little) mommy free time.

I have to admit though, it’s a fairly new love of mine.

So I figured, what better time than Valentine’s Day to write a bit about this new (ish) love of mine…

I made a spring centerpiece a couple of years ago after taking a trip to the Dollar Tree and there they were, a bush of pretty pink roses. I couldn’t resist. Normally I’d walk right by that area full of faux flowers and never give it a second look but this time around, those roses were calling me! I didn’t hesitate to grab them and figured why not see what I can make and possibly share it on this blog…

A few days later I picked up a couple of yellow and white roses at another dollar store and after that, I eventually made what I considered to be “a unique” spring centerpiece. (Ok don’t laugh, but it was basically a bouquet on a table)

After that, I was hooked!

I originally started this blog to mainly write about my love of organizing (or semi organizing I should say) but once I made that spring centerpiece I switched my attention almost completely to faux floral centerpieces.

This “love” for faux floral centerpieces has not come naturally to me though!

I seem to always picture the finished arrangement in my head (resembling something you’d see in a magazine) but when I actually start bringing it all together, it’s usually a hot mess.

So I really have to push myself when I’m working on a new centerpiece. Many times, these centerpieces involve days of my small dining table covered with flowers, vases, and ribbon everywhere. I’ll walk by that table throughout the day and almost always feel frustrated! It’s rare when I get it right the first time I try putting something together, no matter how simple or complex I try to make them.

So why do I keep trying and even consider this something that I love? Because the finishing product always brings days if not weeks of smiles to my face! And honestly, I think there are certain little hobbies, skills, and talents that our good Lord up above has gifted us with! Hobbies that really bring us joy if we stick with them and push ourselves to learn about them. This one without a doubt is one of those!

I enjoy every piece that I manage to create and I rarely ever am in a rush to change it out whenever a new holiday or season comes around.

That’s probably why I always end up showing these centerpieces on my blog very (VERY) late compared to how early I see other blog posts or videos for seasonal decor going up. (*cough* like today’s post *cough* a few days before Valentine’s day *cough* ?)

Ok well, let me stop for now…Valentine’s day is right around the corner after all. Let me jump into sharing my simple centerpiece that came together just like many of my others have in the past, with items I already had at home.

Hope you enjoy it!

Valentine’s Day Centerpiece – Using Items I Already Have

I start with an old sugar bowl and a few stickers that I had from last years Valentine’s Day (yep, that’s the kid in me coming out to play)

(These stickers are great for something temporary like this Valentine’s Day centerpiece. They peel on and off very easily without leaving a mess behind. I actually moved them around multiple times before finishing)

(Sugar bowl also used here and here)

Then I grabbed my flowers and a wire cutter and cut the stems down to fit my sugar bowl.

As you can probably see in the picture, I had to cut off a good amount of the stem and make the flowers pretty short. That’s because I’m working with a very small bowl.

I picked these pink peonies (from Michaels) and peach peonies (from Ikea) to work with but so many other shades would work here too! I’m thinking classic red or white with red sticker hearts, or even all pink flowers and stickers.

(flowers also used here and here)

Drop those into my sugar bowl.

I kept the peach flowers all together on one side and then did the same for the pink flowers.

Next up, a small white plate and a few small red roses that I’ve had for years…

come together like this…

then join my sweet little sugar bowl that’s all dressed up in gold (sticker ?) hearts…

and off to our table it goes!

Pick a snowy New York day to photograph this little gal and on to my blog she goes…

ok friends, thanks for stopping by!

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way…May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come!

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