Simple Christmas Table Decor Ideas

Simple Christmas Table Decor Ideas

Simple Christmas Table Decor Ideas

Red and white Christmas decor has really caught my eye this holiday season.

That beautiful red color, a classic for Christmas, paired with snowflake white just seems to go together perfectly.

That’s where I wanted to focus on when working on my Christmas home decor this season. But then something else started happening. Greens and gray shades started grabbing my attention too.

So I’ve slowly been putting together a few red and white pieces throughout the month, whenever my toddler would give me a few minutes to play with (mommy dilemmas) that I’ve scattered throughout my home. I tried to keep my focus on red and white colors but grays (or silvers) and green shades are mixed into everything I made, helping bring everything together.

Faux flowers and ribbons have really been my go-to lately so that’s mainly what you will see in this blog post.

Everything that I’m sharing is great for placing on small tables, like end tables, or if you have a small dining table like mine they are perfect for that too.

ok let’s get to it, Christmas is a few days away after all ?

Here we go…

Simple Christmas Table Decor Ideas

First up, my “Pom Pom” vase.

I was lucky enough to find this Pom Pom stem in the same dollar store that I bought my Pom Poms for my garland.

It’s a perfect match to that garland and it doesn’t get any simpler than this when it comes to easy decor.

I cut the stem down to fit this long cylinder vase, stretched out those skinny leaves a bit then added a single layer of white ribbon right at the center of my vase.

For this one, I pulled out five white poinsettias from the previous year’s centerpiece

and tied a sparkly red ribbon on my vase.

This one may be even easier than the Pom Pom vase.

A few candy canes in an old jar that I’m constantly re-using (my candy canes as you may be able to see are not real but of course real can work here too)…

with a simple red ribbon and onto my kitchen hutch this one goes!

This one may just be my favorite

Three large red faux peonies, the bushes of small white faux flowers that I used for my fall kitchen centerpiece along with an extra bush of small white flowers that I added to what I already had…

drop that into a small vase (I let the flowers kind of take their own shape in the vase).

Place all of that on top of a pretty plaid red fabric napkin that I’ve had forever…

And I’m in love!

The next one starts with an inexpensive cake stand…

A white plate over a silver charger plate…

Three mini ornaments…

Another white faux poinsettia along with one bush of mini red roses…

I dropped that poinsettia down the front of a small white sugar bowl then tucked the red flowers around the back of that poinsettia and this one is done and ready to take to my kitchen table.

Another one that ended up in my kitchen started with a simple clear bowl that I filled with white tinsel to give me the look of snow.

Then I placed a couple of small white bottle brush trees, pine cones, and a few red berries to finish it off.

and that’s it for my simple Christmas decor!

Now, they may have been made to sit on a table for this holiday season but for now…

they’re just going to hang out by our Christmas tree…


ok friends, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way…May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come!

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Simple Christmas Table Decor Ideas - The Semi Organized Ant

Simple Christmas Table Decor Ideas - The Semi Organized Ant

Simple Christmas Table Decor Ideas - The Semi Organized Ant