A Quick and Easy DIY Easter Centerpiece

A Quick and Easy DIY Easter Centerpiece

Quick and Easy DIY Easter Centerpiece

Today I’m sharing an easy DIY Easter centerpiece.

In my last post, I shared how to create a unique spring centerpiece. I really enjoyed making that centerpiece so I decided why not make another one and use it for my kitchen table.

I searched Pinterest for some inspiration and came across tons of centerpiece ideas using plastic Easter eggs. I’ve never used those plastic eggs for anything other than Easter baskets for my nieces.

How did I not know about this genius way to decorate?

So I started searching through my home to see how I can create a centerpiece of my own using Easter eggs.

After a bit of searching in my home for what items I could use, I came across a few blue faux hydrangeas I had in my bedroom and some plastic cups in the kitchen and sure enough, I knew exactly what to do.

Here we go…

A super quick and easy DIY Easter centerpiece!

A Quick and Easy DIY Easter Centerpiece

Here are all the supplies you will need:

Easter Centerpiece, Supplies

4 clear plastic cups I’m using solo brand 9 oz cups

Plastic Easter eggs, preferably of different sizes and textures. I had a few large and medium eggs left over from previous years and I also purchased a bag of mini eggs covered with glitter from the dollar tree

Faux Flowers with small flowers and/or roses that you can pull off. I’m using blue and white flowers but any color will do.

FYI: the mini eggs I purchase from the dollar tree had a short string connected to them for hanging. I just yanked the string out of each egg. So if you find these eggs be sure to grab them and don’t worry, the string will come right out!

DIY Easter Centerpiece

DIY Easter Centerpiece

1. Start by lining up the plastic cups side by side on your table:

Easter Centerpiece, cups

2. Drop your Easter eggs into the cups. I placed one large egg first, followed by a medium egg. Then I placed two small eggs next to the medium egg:

Easter Centerpiece, plastic eggs

Easter Centerpiece, eggs

3. Pull off your small flowers. I used 3 flowers per cup:

Easter Centerpiece

4. Place your flowers on top of the eggs:

Easter Centerpiece, Flowers

Easter Centerpiece, Flowers.

And that’s it!

You now have a very sweet, quick and easy DIY Easter centerpiece to display in your home!

Quick and Easy DIY Easter Centerpiece

Who else has a high chair right by their kitchen table? lol

Quick and Easy DIY Easter Centerpiece

So cute!

Easter Centerpiece

So fun!

Quick and Easy Easter Centerpiece

Ok, I’ll stop now. But don’t these little cups just put a smile on your face!

Ok seriously I’m done now.

Quick and Easy Easter Centerpiece

ok friends, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way…May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come

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Quick and Easy DIY Easter Centerpiece