How to Create a Unique Spring Centerpiece

How to Create a Unique Spring Centerpiece

How to Create a Unique Spring Centerpiece

Are you ready to say hello spring and goodbye old man winter?

There’s one way you can welcome spring and start enjoying all it has to offer no matter what the weather looks like outside (because here in New York, Mr. Winter likes to extend his stay way past his scheduled check out time.)

Start at home with some bright, cheerful and unique spring decor.

This unique spring centerpiece is sure to make anyone feel like warm weather is right around the corner. Plus, it won’t cost much to put it together.

You can find most of the supplies at any dollar store but if you are into crafting like I am then you may already have a few of these items in your crafting stash.

Here we go…

How to Create a Unique Spring Centerpiece

How to create a unique spring centerpiece

Here’s what you’ll need:

4 Bunches of Faux Flowers, preferably roses. Mine are from the dollar store.

Look for flowers with different lengths mixed in. You want a few long and a few short flowers.

Spring Centerpiece

Ribbon, Burlap and White Tulle

A Few Safety Pins (or glue gun) and White Dollies any shape (the dollies are optional)

I picked pink, white and yellow roses but you can change up the colors if you’d like. If you do change it up, be sure to match the ribbon to the colors of your flowers.

I already had burlap, ribbon and white tulle at home but you can find these items at the dollar store and/or any craft store (my tulle came from Michaels)

I’m using white heart-shaped dollies (optional) that I purchased from the dollar tree for Valentine’s Day. As you can see from the pictures I’m going to put my centerpiece on a brown table and I felt that the bouquet needed something to make it stand out better against the dark table.

Ok, let’s jump into how to create your centerpiece

(Oh and FYI, I’ll be using the words centerpiece and bouquet interchangeably because well, uh, it’s clearly a bouquet being used as a centerpiece, lol)

1. Gather all your flowers in one hand. Be sure to hold them at different heights like I did in the picture below. This is so that they lay better on the table. Your bouquet will also look longer like this.

2. Wrap the white tulle tightly around the stems and secure with safety pins.

You can tie the flowers with a rubber band first if that makes it easier to wrap the tulle. I just held the flowers in place with my hand while I wrapped.

Spring Centerpiece

Notice how the colors of the roses are not evenly distributed. The yellow roses are off to your right. The pinks are gathered around the bottom of the bouquet and the whites are off to the left.

Don’t worry, we’ll fix that later on. We got this guys!

I only needed one safety pin at the end of the bouquet because I tucked the top end into the wrapped tulle but use as many as you’d like to secure everything.

3. Wrap your ribbon over the tulle like the picture below and secure with safety pins.

I covered the first safety pin (holding the white tulle in place) with the pink ribbon. Then I made sure that I was placing the safety pins for the pink ribbon in the part of the bouquet that was going to lay against the table that way they won’t show once I’m done.

Spring Centerpiece, Pink Ribbon

4. Tie a piece of burlap to create a bow

Spring Centerpiece, Burlap

5. Create a “bow” by bending the burlap inwards on both sides to create a pretty loop

I have to admit, I’m horrible at creating bows but burlap is great when you’re challenged, like me, in the bow creating department because the wire holds it in whatever shape you bend it.

See how it’s keeping the looped shape

That’s all you have to do for a pretty bow!

Spring Centerpiece Burlap Bow

Shhhh…no one has to know it’s a fake bow!

6. Ok so this next step is important…

Remember how the colors of the flowers were not evenly distributed after wrapping the tulle?

Let’s fix that:

Look at the flowers that I am pointing to with the arrows. I pulled those flowers off of their original stem and moved them around to mix up the colors.

I probably did this to about 10 roses.

Spring Centerpiece

Just gently pull off as many flowers as you need to and move them around to create the look you want.

Unique Spring Centerpiece

7. Arrange your white dollies on the table like this (if using dollies):

Place your bouquet on top…

Spring Centerpiece

And you have a beautiful and unique spring centerpiece!!

Spring Centerpiece


Spring Centerpiece

When Easter comes around you can also scatter some pretty eggs around the centerpiece or tuck them into the bouquet!

I hope you give this unique spring centerpiece a try in your home today!

ok friends, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way…May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come

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How to Create a Unique Spring Centerpiece

How to create a unique spring centerpiece - The Semi Organized Ant

How to create a unique spring centerpiece - The Semi Organized Ant