DIY Pumpkin Drawing Wall Decor

DIY Pumpkin Drawing Wall Decor

DIY Pumpkin Drawing Wall Decor

I loved to draw when I was young.

I was interested in just about anything that was related to the world of arts and crafts….

Drawing, beads, decorating, pretty much anything to do with crafting.

But, as I got older, I slowly stopped many of those hobbies.

This blog has really helped me get back to my love of crafting.

So I took a chance at drawing again and decided to focus my doodling on something fall related.

In came the pumpkins idea…

I decided I wanted to have one pumpkin framed on the wall. Honestly, this idea started from a few innocent pumpkin stickers. I came up with an idea to frame some stickers that I had, but that didn’t work out quite how I wanted, so I figured why not draw my own pumpkins.

It took some time practicing, but eventually, I got it.

ok, let’s get started…

DIY Pumpkin Drawing Wall Decor


Cardstock (Rite Aid and Staples)

Scrapbook/craft paper (light blue and beige. I’ve had these for years. Probably purchased at Michaels)

Silver Stickers (Also something I have had for a few years)

Scissors, Sharpie fine point marker, pencil, ruler, and tape

As for the frames, I ended up using a couple of old frames that I already had on hand.

As I mentioned earlier, I practiced a number of times how to draw a pumpkin. Eventually, I decided to keep them very simple, as you see below.

I drew 4 pumpkins for each frame used, each one a different size. I then cut them out along with eight small green stems.

Then I finished with a few black lines using my sharpie marker and lastly attaching the stems onto the back of the pumpkins with my tape.

I later taped the pumpkins onto my white card stock.

Then I called for my husband’s help…

I’m kind of…No, I’m really horrible with numbers…and fractions…and anything to do with math. But I needed to find the center of my page so that I can easily center my pumpkins and stickers. Easy, right? Nope…

My frame had uneven measurements that made it hard for me to find my center point. So I got some help from my husband, who is much better at math, and science, and remembering really unnecessary/silly facts. Within minutes he had my center point and where I should start placing everything.

Now I have two adorable pumpkin frames to bring some fall joy into my home for the season.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way…May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come!