Updating My Bedding with Items I Already Have

Updating My Bedding with Items I Already Have

My daughter Adeline was just baptized this past Sunday.  After the ceremony, we had some family over for a small celebration.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I decide to have a gathering at our place I always go into this whole crazy cleaning lady mode and I put a lot of effort into making the place look presentable.  It’s so silly because not to toot my own horn or anything but I think my home always looks pretty decent.

So I told myself this time around that I was not going to allow myself to go nuts trying to make things perfect.  I have a 5 month old now and just don’t have the time.

Besides, now that I have this blog I have an image to maintain (insert laughing historically emoji like 20 times).  I’m the “semi” organized ant after all.  Time to practice what I’m trying to preach to others and not be such a perfectionist.

I have to admit though, I still put some effort into cleaning and organizing the place.

It needed it.

I haven’t been cleaning as much as I’d like since having Adeline.

As I was cleaning up around the bedroom I decided to change the comforter and sheets.

There’s something about changing things like curtains and bedding that always seem to make the place feel refreshed and updated, don’t you think?? 

So off I went to our linen closet to pick out a new comforter and sheets.

Here were my pitiful, oops, I mean here were the options I had to pick from:

a red comforter that I like to use for the holidays, a super heavy beige comforter that’s way to warm for the summer, a black and gray reversible comforter that I rarely ever use because I find kind of boring and lastly a duvet cover I bought from Ikea a few years ago.

I keep the gray/black comforter in an ottoman by the foot of our bed so nope, my linen closet is not large enough for 3 comforters, just in case you were wondering.  If it was that would be my dream linen closet.

So I decided on the duvet cover.

I had completely forgotten about that cover so I was excited to make use of it again but then I remembered something.

I had the most difficult time trying to get that thing over my comforter the last time I used it!

The whole process involved hours of searching online how to easily get a duvet cover over the comforter then followed by numerous failed attempts to actually get it on.

I eventually did figure it out but it wasn’t easy.

So I stood there in my bedroom with the duvet in one hand, baby in another and I debated.

Do I drive myself crazy trying to remember how to get that thing on again or do I figure out something else?

I opted to figure out something else.

Enter gray and black boring comforter.

I started brainstorming.

How can I make this boring comforter work for us?  Can I combine it with the pillowcases from the duvet to give it a different look?

But it won’t match? 

Then I wondered how bad can it possibly look.

So I did that.

When I was done I thought to myself,  not bad but something’s missing.  Then Adeline started crying so off I went to get her bottle ready and as I was feeding her it hit me, just fold the duvet and put it at the end of the bed.

I figured that everything would kind of blend in together and look more like a set as opposed to making it obvious that I just threw a bunch of separate pieces together.

So I tried it and was very happy with how everything looked.

Now, Is it magazine worthy??


Is it even Macy’s bedding department worthy, barely…is it worthy enough to be in my bedroom? Absolutely!

I think this is a good example of just working with what we have in our closets.  Also, it’s a nice reminder that sometimes we just need to think outside of the box.

Who has to know I have a duvet folded up at the end of the bed??

Nobody if you ask me.

Except for anyone ready this blog post of course 😉