Bedroom Centerpiece – Transitioning from Summer to Fall Decor

Bedroom Centerpiece – Transitioning from Summer to Fall Decor

Bedroom Centerpiece – Transitioning From Summer to Fall Decor

I started working on this pink and white faux floral arrangement back when summer first started…

I was hoping to post it as my main summer centerpiece but then I got distracted with this post. So I placed that centerpiece in my bedroom and figured I’d get back to it.

Then, before I knew it August came rolling in and I still haven’t gotten around to posting it. (Because my precious two year old has decided my time is better spent playing with her and her building blocks ☺️)

But I really wanted to get this post up despite the fact that no one is really decorating anymore for summer (facepalm moment).

So I went back and forth with a few different ideas and eventually ended up with a floral arrangement that I think can work for late summer decor and yet still stay out even into the coming months of fall.

ok, let’s jump right in because before we know it we’ll have apples, sunflowers and everything else that screams fall everywhere we turn.

Here we go…

Bedroom Centerpiece – Transitioning From Summer to Fall Decor

Bedroom Centerpiece - The Semi Organized Ant

So this is what’s been sitting on our bedroom vanity pretty much all summer, minus that white ribbon. I had another ribbon on the vase but it kept sliding off so I switched to what you see below and in the next few photos.

I’m using flowers from the dollar store that I already had at home. The only new-ish flowers are the smaller pink peonies in the front part of the arrangement that I picked up at the Dollar Tree when summer first started. I’ve used the older flowers in a number of different blog posts that I’ll go ahead and link to.

I love seeing how many different arrangements I can create with my flowers!

I’m keeping things very simple to make this centerpiece worthy of becoming fall decor and bringing in a bunch of old hydrangeas that I used for my previous fall centerpiece and Thanksgiving centerpiece to scatter throughout the arrangement.

I started by taking my summer centerpiece apart and changing out the ribbon to this white elastic ribbon that I tied around the back part of my vase.

I found this set of different sizes at the Dollar Store but you can also find them on amazon.

It’s the same type of elastic that’s used to make masks so if you’ve been DIY’ing your masks you may already have some at home 😉

(vase from Walmart)

Then I started adding my flowers back in.

I placed one large pink peony off to one side of the vase…

and another into the back part of the arrangement…

(I also used these peonies in this previous post as well as this one)

Then I grabbed my smaller Dollar Tree peonies and dropped them down the other side of the vase…

and the front part as well…

Then I finished off by scattering a few white roses (also used here and here) as well as my hydrangeas all throughout the rest of the centerpiece.


That’s it!

Bright summer decor….

That can double for fall decor…

It’s a good thing faux flowers last forever 😉

I hope this inspired you to go grab some of your summer decor and transform it into beautiful fall decor for your home too!

ok friends, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way…May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come

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Bedroom Centerpiece - The Semi Organized Ant

Bedroom Centerpiece - The Semi Organized Ant