3 Super Simple Rock and Marble Mini “Vase” Decorations

3 Super Simple Rock and Marble Mini “Vase” Decorations

3 Super Simple Rock and Marble Mini “Vase” Decorations

It’s become a recurring event here…

Simple centerpieces, simple decorations.

I really fall in love with simple decorations. Add a couple of daisies or one breath taking peony to a pretty little vase, and it’s official guys, I’m in heaven!

So today I’m sharing a few very simple, but oh so pretty, table decorations that I brought together using rocks and marbles.

I equally love repurposing and making use of whatever I have on hand for a vase. I find candle holders, old jars, beer bottles, drinking glasses and even olive oil bottles to be perfect for simple arrangements.

You can find most of the items that I am using today (or something similar) at any Dollar store, Walmart or Target. Most of my items came from the dollar store with the exception of a few that I’ve had forever.

Ok, here we go…

3 Super Simple Rock and Marble Mini “Vase” Decorations

I put together this simple little turquoise decoration using clear marbles, one turquoise faux flower, and faux leaves that I removed from the stem…

Spoiler alert: you may read the word simple over and over and over again 🙂

I brought my flower and leaves together…

And placed them over a tiny shot glass filled with the clear marbles.

Super simple but so darn cute!

I only made one of this simple little cutie but it would be so pretty to have a few more, maybe 4-5 to place on a window seal, table, or scattered around a countertop.

Here I used green marbles, small rocks, one yellow faux flower…

Added the rocks and marbles to a glass cup, placed the flower on top…

And it sits on my kitchen countertop, right next to my daughter’s cheerios 🙂

This is another one that I think would be beautiful if you make more than one!

The size of your table (or where ever you are placing these) would probably dictate how many you would need. If you have a long dining table maybe as many as 5 or 7 would be great! You can also place white paper doilies under each one, line them all up side by side and even change the color for each flower or stick to one color and use different shades of that color for each glass.

For this last simple rock and marble table decoration I used the same green marbles as above, twine and a few beads.

I wrapped twine around the top of this small candle holder, finished off with a bow then attached a few beads.

I used Gorilla double sided mounting tape for my beads but that’s only because I’ve been experimenting with that tape to see what projects I can use it for. You can of course use a hot glue gun or whatever you have on hand that will hold the beads in place.

And that’s it for my 3 super simple rock and marble decorations.

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way. May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come!