2 Simple Floral Arrangements

2 Simple Floral Arrangements

2 Simple Floral Arrangements

I love flowers.

I usually stick to faux, but today I’m sharing two very simple floral arrangements using real flowers that I put together from our Valentine’s Day flowers that lasted a little over two weeks!

My black thumb has to thank the good Lord for that.

My husband picked up two bouquets for me and my daughter that were full of roses, baby’s breath, chrysanthemums, lilies, and carnations. I fell in love with both but the white and yellow chrysanthemums as well as the pink carnations won me over the most.

I decided to take them apart after about a week so that we can enjoy them all throughout the apartment and thankfully I was able to photograph the two I’m sharing today before they dried out (although they have taken on a whole different beauty after drying!)

Ok, this is a simple one guys, a few photos of three gorgeous flowers that needed….begged for…had to…without a doubt…be photographed and shared with you today.

2 Simple Floral Arrangements

Precious Pink Carnations…

White Chrysanthemums (yep, I had to spell-check that)…

White ribbon, a ginormous mug, and that’s it.

Easy Peasy!

Yellow Chrysanthemums…

A mason jar to give them some water…

and that’s it.

So pretty.

And lastly, a blooper.

There’s my daughter in the background, (if you can spot her).

It’s kind of impossible to take photos when she’s around.

She likes to peek her head into every photo. The temptation to annoy mommy is just unbearable I guess.

But at least we end up with some very funny pictures to laugh at when we’re done! 🙂

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed these simple floral arrangements!

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way. May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come.