A Few Color Combinations For Red Beads

A Few Color Combinations For Red Beads

A Few Color Combinations For Red Beads

A few months ago I decided I wanted to make a few everyday beaded bracelets. Bracelets that I could wear with just about anything, any day of the week.

I wanted to stick with neutral colors like white and black, but something told me I had to consider RED BEADS.

Eventually, it started making sense.

We probably all have them…

Those red accessory items that always help bring an outfit together. For me, it’s a subtle red lip when I want to be a little more dressed up and a scarf that comes out every holiday season without fail.

So I knew I had to make a red beaded bracelet.

But I was curious. How much could I do with these red beads? What colors would they blend nicely with? So I thought it would be fun to do another blog post similar to my emerald green beads where I showed a few of my favorite color combinations.

ok, let’s get started…

A Few Color Combinations For Red Beads

A Few Color Combinations For Red Beads - The Semi Organized Ant


Red and white blend together perfectly. It’s one of those color combinations that you just can’t go wrong with.

I’m picturing red and white candy canes during the holidays, the perfect white tee shirt and red nail polish, red swimwear and white sandals, even that classic red and white stop sign comes to mind when I think of red and white.


It’s classic…

and slightly bold if you ask me.

It’s that beautiful red and black Buffalo plaid pattern that can’t be missed during the holidays.

It’s the colors that we may consider for special events, like that little black dress and those red heels that always make you stand out (in a good way 😉)

It’s red and black.


Words that come to mind with this one are youthful and bubbly.

You may first have to tap into that inner child in you to initially appreciate this one but if you stop for a minute and think about it…

Pink and red work beautifully together.

I decided to use a shade of blush pink beads but there are many pink shades that would look amazing with these red beads as well.

Hot pink, coral pink, fuchsia pink, I think they would all work with red.


This one has beach written all over it.

But then again, I think turquoise can take anything into beach appropriate status!

I have to admit, I normally wouldn’t have thought of blending turquoise and red together but this color combo has really caught my eye lately.

They are both two intense colors that don’t necessarily compete with each other at all.

They compliment each other in the most friendliest and welcoming way (if I could give them a personality :))

Light Blue

Red and blue can come across as patriotic for sure, but…

When I played around with the different shades of blue I ended up with this color combo that hardly reminds me of any barbeque appropriate holiday you can think of 😉

This soft light blue is near and dear to my heart. It resembles the shade of blue I used all throughout my wedding, so it’s a shade I’m always drawn to.

This light blue and red combination is one that just puts a smile on my face (as many of the other color combo’s do)


I wasn’t sure about this one at first but I decided to give it a try.

I pictured red and green as a combination that really would only work for Christmas but clearly, I was wrong.

Picture a beautiful red rose, that red poinsettia we love for the holidays, a red daisy, or even a red peony along with their beautiful green leaves…

It’s pure perfection.

Crystal Clear

So this one may not actually be a true color but just like in my emerald green beads posts I couldn’t help but include it with these red beads as well.

What can crystal clear beads possibly not blend in with?

The pretty transparent sparkle really allows for that vibrant red to stand out.

Well, that’s it for this one my friends.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way…May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come!

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A Few Color Combinations For Red Beads - The Semi Organized Ant

A Few Color Combinations For Red Beads - The Semi Organized Ant