6 Quick and Easy Easter Decorations

6 Quick and Easy Easter Decorations

6 Quick and Easy Easter Decorations

Today I’m sharing six easy Easter decorations that anyone can bring together fairly quickly with some basic decorative items.

If you have faux florals, Easter eggs, and a few basic and pretty (they have to be pretty) containers such as vases or recycled jars you can recreate your own similar Easter decorations too.

As always, most of the items I’m using are things that I already have on hand as well as a few

new items.

ok, let’s get started!

Hope you enjoy these six quick and easy Easter decorations.

6 Quick and Easy Easter Decorations

Pink Daisies from Dollar Tree (oh how I love the Dollar Tree)

Bouquet of flowers from Walmart.

I was a little lazy about cutting off the end of my flowers but of course you can use a wire cutter to cut down your flowers to size. The bent stem doesn’t bother me though. Sometimes the thought of cutting down my faux flowers just hurts! I like to keep them long so that I’m able to use them in the future with taller vases, if I wish. But sometimes that’s unavoidable and I have to cut them down.

Tulips from Michaels Craft Store.

Small daisies from Ikea, purchased years ago.

This is probably the simplest but my favorite. It’s really a part of my decorations for our kitchen hutch, but I like it so much that I had to photograph it separate.

All I did was place a few glittery eggs on a couple of plates and placed it on top of our toaster oven. It’s so simple that it made me stop and wonder if I should even bother sharing it but truthfully, I tend to fall in love with the very simple decorations that I place around my home.

They bring a smile to my face!

Oh how I debated on whether or not I should keep the next one! It’s on our very tiny dining, mail, coffee, water bottle table and…

It’s a beer bottle with dried flowers from Valentines day. 

When I put this together, I loved it! I love using beer bottles (it’s a good thing my husband likes beers) and I couldn’t throw those dried flowers away! Then I finished off with the cutest little chick and eggs that I found at my local Dollar Store.

So cute!!!

But recently I thought, beer bottles and dried flowers for Easter?!?!? What on earth…

It didn’t seem to fit when we are enjoying all the beautiful new greenery that’s starting to show up on trees and in parks and decorating with pastel colors.

It is also when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and I’m decorating with a beer bottle (face/palm moment).

Then, I remembered that God loves me…and everything I do (well mostly everything, oh who am I kidding I’m past due for confession). But God loves me, and creativity. He’s not as serious as we may think, or at least I don’t think he is. I think he would approve of my simple beer bottle decoration.  So I decided it wasn’t that serious and kept it on our table and now I’m enjoying it every day.

Another simple one that I’m absolutely in love with.

Yellow flowers from Michaels Craft Store.

That’s it for now my friends. I hope you enjoyed these 6 quick and easy Easter decorations and are inspired to bring together a few simple decorations for your home too!


Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way. May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come!