12 of My Favorite Color Combinations For Emerald Green Beads

12 of My Favorite Color Combinations For Emerald Green Beads

12 of My Favorite Color Combinations For Emerald Green Beads

I found these gorgeous emerald green beads a few months ago.

I purchased them from amazon in a kit that brought a number of different sizes.

When I ordered them I didn’t realize just how beautiful they would truly be in person.

I had planned on making a few bracelets before they arrived but something happened when I finally had these precious little beads in my hands and started working with them…

I was completely stuck!

Aside from a few bracelets all in green, I had no idea what else to do with them.

What colors would go with emerald beads?? And what would I wear with this dark green color when I was done? 

What a dilemma ?

So I decided it may be fun to write a post all about what colors (I think) would look great with emerald green beads as well as how you can mix these colors to create a few pieces of beaded jewelry.

I also added a few ideas on what you can wear with emerald beaded jewelry because maybe like me you are also wondering how to style this color (not that I’m a fashion expert at all but hey, one can always dream)

Before I get started I should mention that the only new beads I’m working with are the green beads. Everything else that you will see below came from beads I’ve owned for some time now and a few other beads (like the purple and gray) came from old pieces of jewelry that I didn’t want anymore and took apart.

The same goes for all of the clothing I photographed. I just went digging through my closest to give you a few ideas as for what I think goes with green beaded jewelry. Being that this is not a fashion blog I tried to keep things simple and focus on basic colors and patterns that anyone can easily find in their own closet. I will try to link to whatever I can but honestly, most of these pieces have been in my closet for years ?

Ok Let’s Get Started…


There were a few colors that I considered to be the neutrals of the bunch. Colors that would go with anything.

This is one of those neutrals.

White can probably be paired with any color you can think of and this emerald green is no exception.

I picked a few pearls for the bracelet below but you can also see how white seed beads pair with the green beads in the gold example below as well as the turquoise.


When I started working on this blog post I decided to do a quick search on Pinterest for emerald green beaded jewelry.

Gold was the color that seemed to be most used for pairing with emerald green.

I can see why. It goes beautifully together.

I can see myself wearing these two with gold accessories, a pair of white leggings, and any green top I can find in my closet…

Mint Green

How can these two colors not work great together!

That soft mint green paired with the more vibrant, darker emerald green really compliment each other beautifully.

I mixed in some white and brown to bring this bracelet together but of course the two colors would work perfectly on their own as well!


I wasn’t sure how this one would turn out at first. Would it remind me of a bowl of lemons and limes?? Have I outgrown a yellow and green beaded bracelet at my (fabulous) age of 38 (plus, plus)?

But I LOVE yellow so I had to give it a try.

After pairing these two colors with a few crystal clear beads and wearing it against a dark gray outfit and a few silver accessories I realized just how much green and yellow can go together.


I was settled from the beginning on NOT including gray.

I was convinced before even giving it a chance that it wouldn’t work.

Then I saw a green and silver necklace on TV and a few days later the bracelet you see below was born.

I’ll probably wait for winter to wear this one so I can pair it with black velvet leggings (I love leggings) and a simple white tee.


How can I not include this one?

Brown and green were inspired by nature. Think trees full of green leaves and brown tree trunks. It’s a beautiful sight! (Unless you have allergies, then you may not find it so interesting)

This one is a match made in heaven!


My daughter loves the movie Frozen. She watches it almost every single afternoon. Elsa and Anna’s outfit in the beginning of the movie both have a deep purple as well as green in it.

That’s where this color combination came from. (You know you are a mommy when your inspiration comes from Disney movies)

Purple and emerald green are two rich colors that in my opinion complement each other perfectly. Mix them with gold seed beads and I don’t think it can get any better!

Mix gold, leopard, and black with this one and your outfit is complete.

Sky Blue

Ok, I have to stop right here for a minute.

Gold and green may be pure perfection, yellow and green will just put a smile on your face, brown and green must be born from heaven but this sky blue shade and emerald green…

If this doesn’t work then I don’t know what does!

It screams colors of tropical waters in the Caribbean.

It makes me want to head out to the beach.


At first, I battled with this one.

In my mind it was going to work but on a string, well, orange took some effort.

After pairing the orange and green with white beads I think it works great.

I probably wouldn’t wear orange and green together in an outfit but would I wear it as a pop of color in my accessories?

Any day of the week! (Maybe even for laundry day)

Try a light washed pair of blue jeans, a summery top and a few matching accessories to throw on with this bracelet.


Black is one of those colors that can go with just about everything.

It’s another neutral just like the white.

This is another favorite of mine (ok they may all be my favorite 🙂

But just look at how pretty the black seed beads look with those emerald green beads.

This one is a winner for any date night in my book.

Crystal Clear

Technically clear may not really be a color but when it comes to beads, I think it’s okay to include this one.

This one is another neutral like the black and white.

It really lets the beautiful dark green stand out while adding just a little extra sparkle.

Different Shades of Green

When in doubt…

Use all the shades!

Mix together dark greens, bright greens, green greens and you’ll end up with a fun and happy little piece of hand made jewelry.

Well, that’s it!

12 of my favorite colors to combine with emerald green beads!

Now there’s only one problem…

I have 16 green bracelets but only seven days in the week to wear them all ?

ok friends, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way…May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come

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12 Color Combinations for Emerald Green Beads - The Semi Organized Ant
12 Color Combinations for Emerald Green Beads - The Semi Organized Ant