A Few Random Photos – Florals and a Candle

A Few Random Photos – Florals and a Candle

A Few Random Photos –

Florals and a Candle

Hello Friends!

Today I’m sharing a collection of random photos that I’ve taken through out the years mainly just for fun or to remember things that I’ve made for inspiration for future projects.

I normally share a lot of decorating ideas with faux flowers but I’ve probably mentioned that I love real flowers just as much, if not more. Sadly though, I have a black thumb, so it’s all about faux for me on most days.

I do however love to take pictures of real flowers whenever I get the chance. I’ve taken so many photos of real flowers in various places but they are honestly just sitting in my google photos app….probably waiting for me to print them up and frame them or create a physical album with them, which of course I never get around to doing!

So for now I figured it would be fun to share them here with you along with a few other random fun things.

A Few Random Photos –

Florals and a Candle

I stopped to take this first picture while walking to the park with my daughter recently.

A beautiful white cherry blossom tree!

Hot pink flowers caught in a supermarket of all places. I believe they are called petunias, (but don’t quote me on that 🙂

The next two pictures are close ups of yellow and purple coneflowers that I took near the Lake George area last year while on vacation with my daughter and husband.

A candle nestled in colorful confetti (it’s a good thing I never light candles, otherwise this would be a pretty bad idea)

For this next one I took a few blue flowers from a large hydrangea as well as some extra leaves from various flowers and attached all of that to a few old stems. Basically, I created a few faux flowers with a few scraps I had saved.

There’s something so fun about being able to make use of things that I may have otherwise tossed out!

A brown faux plant photographed by the window, just for fun.

I love this faux plant. I found it at Target about a year ago and picked it up for fall decorating but honestly I liked it so much that I had ended up keeping it out for months after.

Well that’s it for this one friends!

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way. May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come!