My Simple Winter Wonderland Coffee Table Centerpiece

My Simple Winter Wonderland Coffee Table Centerpiece

 My Simple Winter Wonderland Coffee Table Centerpiece

Gift shopping, wrapping, decorations, cards, meals….

The holidays are a busy time of year.

It can bring on some stress for me and feel a bit overwhelming at times. But I love everything (well, mostly everything) about it. I never like stress ☺️

However, right before I started putting this centerpiece together I realized something…

We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

When I realized this, it suddenly gave me something to focus on when I feel overwhelmed or stressed about the holidays.

It gave me a sense of peace. It reminded me that I was working on something really special.

So I guess it makes sense now why there’s so much going on during the holidays.

It’s our Lord and Savior’s birthday after all.

It’s kind of a BIG deal you know 😉

I hope that gives you a sense of joy and peace as well if you feel overwhelmed or stressed around the holidays too.

I hope you enjoy this “simple” and sparkly centerpiece. It may be as bright as a disco ball, but it makes me happy every time I see it.

My Simple Winter Wonderland Coffee Table Centerpiece

I start with a sprig of dried leaves on an old white platter (that I use all the time to decorate).

Then I place rhinestone stickers on a drinking glass.

and finish with a white candle…

A large silver snowflake ornament…

and a snow globe (From the Christmas Tree Store) to join my candle and dried leaves.

and that’s it!

A sparkly snowflake…

A white candle surrounded by pretty jewels (from the Dollar Store of course)

And I have a beautiful centerpiece that can only be described best as…

My own little winter wonderland!

On my coffee table that’s usually covered with cheerios, books, and all sorts of nick nacks.

ok, that’s it…hope you enjoyed this!

Thanks for stopping by.

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way…May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come!