Kitchen Fall Decor (and a Few Extras)

Kitchen Fall Decor (and a Few Extras)

Kitchen Fall Decor (and a Few Extras)

Hello my friends, this is a continuation of my last blog post “Living Room Fall Decor.”

Normally, I would try to combine everything I make for seasonal decorations into one blog post.
But this time around, it was as if something hit me over the head and turned the light bulb on….

Separate everything into different rooms/categories.

face/palm moment

So I decided to separate the living room and kitchen decorations into separate blog posts, but…

old habits are hard to break.

So I ended up adding in a few extra simple decorations that I have scattered in other areas of our home.

So without further ado…

Kitchen Fall Decor (and a few extras)

I made a simple drawing of yellow leaves on cardstock and placed it on a clear command hook on our countertop.

(I started with a pencil, filled the leaves in with a yellow color pencil, and with a hole punch I added some twine for hanging)

Small Cardboard squares wrapped in pretty napkins (above and below)….finished with pumpkin stickers (the kid in me)

Yep, that’s my reflection on the side of the fridge, in case you were wondering 😉

Something pretty to look at by the stove while I cook.

A single pinecone in a champagne glass (I promise I’m not fancy at all, I had to ask my husband what type of glass I was using) 

And a couple of pinecones hanging out with a few small twigs of hydrangeas and white peonies in a pretty shot glass.

Both photos with the pinecones are decorating our kitchen hutch. You can see a better picture of the hutch here

A blue candle…

wrapped with some twine and faux floral petals.

Pumpkins and glittery tinsel decorating my daughter’s room.

Here I took an old Dollar Store pumpkin and added iridescent glitter glue to the creases.

A gold sequenced pumpkin with a few pearls, silver and gold beads, and a white faux flower all hot glued together.

A very simple fall bathroom decoration. Two black and white buffalo pumpkins.

I have to admit guys…

This photo is an impostor.

I wish I could tell you that it always looks this neat but that wall cabinet seems to always attract all sorts of stuff. Hair brushes, lotion bottles, makeup and all sorts of cute toddler hair accessories.

Please tell me your bathroom works the same as mine.

ok, that’s it…hope you enjoyed this!

Thanks for stopping by.

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way…May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come!