Fall Kitchen Table Decor – Pears and Plaid Green

Fall Kitchen Table Decor – Pears and Plaid Green

Fall Kitchen Table Decor – Pears and Plaid Green

Today I’m sharing my fall kitchen table decor.

It’s simple to put together and most of the items I’m using are things I already have at home.

It started with these sweet little pears.

I picked them up probably when fall first started. I had just bought some pear juice thinking it would be a nice way to start enjoying the new season.

I usually tend to crave iced apple cider when fall kicks in but this time around, the pears were calling me.

I knew I had to find some pears to decorate my kitchen and luckily, my local dollar store just so happened to have a few. Yay!

They were kind of funny looking at first, I have to admit.

That (almost) way too bright green color and some leaves that were slightly beat up made me wonder if I would be able to do anything with them, but they still caught my eye and I couldn’t pass them up.

They were coming home with me.

I scattered them on my table along with a few simple faux flowers, a couple of jars, an old-ish vase, and then brought that all together with a plaid green kitchen towel that I found on amazon.

Don’t you just love plaid for fall! 

ok let’s get started…

Fall Kitchen Table Decor – Pears and Plaid Green

First, I’m using the same two roses that I also used over the summer to decorate my kitchen table (from Michaels)…

and some small rocks that me and my daughter brought home from the beach this summer…

and I’m dropping that all into these two old jars…

That I then finished off with some white ribbon around the center to go with my other fall centerpiece.

(I just held the ribbon in place with a small piece of tape around the back)

Next up, these pretty little white roses that I recently found at my local dollar store.

I’m using 3 bunches of roses that I cut down and then removed most of the leaves.

I then dropped those flowers into this old vase, another dollar store find, and finished by wrapping twine and white ribbon to complete the simple arrangement.

To keep the twine in place I just tucked the ends into the twine after wrapping it around the vase. Since the twine is slightly stiff it’s able to hold itself in place as long as you wrap it tightly.

Then I placed everything on top of this plaid green kitchen towel and finished off by scattering my dollar store pears all around the arrangements.

And that’s it!

It’s nice to know that inspiration can come from anywhere!

Even something like pear juice 😉

ok friends, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way…May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come!

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