Simple Decor and Organization for a Teeny Tiny Vanity

Simple Decor and Organization for a Teeny Tiny Vanity

Simple Decor and Organization for a Teeny Tiny Vanity

I’ve been in the mood to organize my teeny tiny vanity for a long time now. Well, I finally got around to tackling it.

I keep my vanity in our bedroom. It’s a miracle I can even have a vanity of any size in there. Our bedroom already has so much furniture since we are sharing the room with our daughter. But we’ve managed to make it work pretty well.

I have always kept my vanity somewhat organized but lately, it’s been looking a bit cluttered.

I had way too many exposed items that were constantly getting dusty. My hair brushes and a few hair appliances were kept outside (on the floor in a couple of old metal bins, facepalm moment) and there were other small items scattered on top and under the vanity.

I did have a designated space for everything which was nice but, the area needed some improvements.

So I started by setting some goals to guide me before I got to the organizing part:

First, remove as many exposed items (especially the smaller items) as possible and store them preferably in drawers where they are away from the annoying dust bunnies. (Sorry dust bunnies, but word on the street … you’re made of lint and hair! So no, you can’t hang out here)

Next, remove as much as I can off of the floor.

Let’s take a look at what my vanity looked like before I organized everything.


Simple Decor and Organization for a Small Vanity

I had some makeup stored in two acrylic organizers that are stacked together.

My makeup brushes next to that.

A ginormous bottle of gel and box of tissues.

And some cotton swabs, random makeup and hair items towards the right side.

Simple Decor and Organization for a Small Vanity

Below is a close look at what was under the vanity.

Believe it or not, it may look really unorganized but everything actually did have a place to live in.

I had a few hair appliances in that large metal bin.

My hair brushes and a bottle of wipes were off to the left of that.

I also had two drawer organizers stacked on top of each other with all my blushes, eye shadows, foundations and more hair appliances (I have way too many hair appliances).

As you can see, there were also a few extra items on top of the drawers.

The first thing I decided to do was declutter.

That opened up so much space!

Some items were moved to another room, some were donated and everything else went into the trash.

Once I started organizing, I mainly used items I already had (like small dollar store and container store organizers) but I did also purchase a few random items to finish things off.

I purchased a clear decorative jar with a lid for makeup sponges from a nearby dollar store.

I also picked up a spray bottle and dusting glove to store by my vanity so that it’s easy to keep things clean. A simple DIY mixture of water, white vinegar, and essential oil went into the bottle.

Next, I got a shelf grip liner (also from the dollar store) to keep things from moving around in the drawers.

Then I found a small white container at the container store that I’m using on top of the vanity to keep all the makeup I use on a daily basis. This makes getting ready in the morning so easy!

I also purchased a simple faux flower to use with a long, clear vase I already had at home. Because why not make it look both organized and pretty!

There’s also a few before photos of how the drawers looked like inside but I added those below with the after photos so that it’s easy to compare.

Here is how everything turned out after organizing:


Most of my makeup stayed in those acrylic containers and that ginormous bottle of gel is still on top of the vanity because I use it almost every day.

Small Vanity Organization, After

Small Vanity Organization, After

I kept decor simple. I used old earrings I never wear anymore to hang off of one of the clear containers on the vanity and then added some pretty pink flowers in between the container and acrylic drawers that are still holding my makeup.

Then I placed the flowers I bought in a long, clear vase.

It may not be noticeable from the picture but the decorative jar from the dollar store catches the light from the window perfectly! It’s probably my favorite part of everything done to the vanity. And it was only $2 (Yay!)

As for under the vanity, I placed my brushes, a box of tissues, and more brushes in that pink bag behind the box of tissues.

Next to the drawers is the spray bottle with the DIY all-purpose cleaner.

I decided to move all my hair accessories into the small vanity drawer.

I also lined the bottom of the drawer with white printer paper. (You can see how I did that in this post)



All of the hair accessories are in these small containers that I purchase from the container store a few years ago.

Here’s what I did with the plastic bin under the vanity:

I placed all my eyeshadow palettes, wipes, a large mirror, my coaster (for when I have a drink with me at the vanity) and hair extensions (from when I got married ☺️) in the top drawer.

I also lined the top and bottom drawer with the grip liner from the dollar store to keep things from sliding around.



The second drawer has my hair brushes, heat protectant spray, a few rollers, the dusting glove I purchased from the dollar store and a couple of other items.


What a mess…


much better!

Both drawers have a few Dollar Tree containers to help keep everything organized.

Lastly, I have a small storage ottoman that I use for seating while I’m using my vanity.

Luckily I was able to clear up a lot of space in there after decluttering so that made some space for all my hair appliances.

Well that’s it!

It took me some time to organize everything but I just took a few minutes here and there whenever I had some free time (hardly ever, lol) to slowly get everything done.

I hope this inspired you to go and organize an area in your home too!

With a little patience, some ruthless decluttering and either making use of items you already have at home or using a few new items you can get around to organizing anything you’ve been wanting to tackle!

ok friends, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way…May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come

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Simple Decor and Organization for a Teeny Tiny Vanity