Simple Faux Floral Summer Arrangement -Lemon Inspired

Simple Faux Floral Summer Arrangement -Lemon Inspired

Simple Faux Floral Summer Arrangement-Lemon Inspired

I came across a faux floral arrangement while shopping  a couple of months ago that really caught my eye. It was filled with lemons, beautiful greenery and had black and white ribbon. It was an appropriate summer home décor for sure!

I really wanted to purchase it buuuuut, I already have so so many faux flowers at home (a slight obsession of mine) that I knew I’d be better off leaving it right there. I think I may have heard it say “wait wait take me home with you” as I walked away!

But I left it there and came home with lemon-y inspiration instead 🙂

I figured I could make something similar with what I already had at home and long story short, this is how that went…

I remembered that I had a few green limes that I had used for spring decorations a couple of years ago and so I thought, maybe I could paint them yellow so they look like lemons instead. But I didn’t have yellow paint and probably wouldn’t have had time for that anyway. So that never happened.

Later on I thought, can I use yellow Easter eggs in place of lemons? Then I came back to my senses and said that wasn’t going to work ☺️ (although I’m sure someone out in the crafting world can pull it off)…

After going back and forth with a few ideas I have to admit, the temptation to just order lemons on Amazon was getting well uh…tempting.

But I’m glad I didn’t because eventually I ended up putting this beautiful arrangement together and was really happy with it. There are no lemons here but I ended up simply focusing on the colors of the arrangement instead of trying to replicate the same centerpiece that caught my eye.

Lemons truly are perfect for summer decorations, and of course lemonade if we’re talking about real lemons of course, unless you are like me and get heartburn just thinking of lemonade (tears and more tears.)  Surprisingly, I shared this iced tea recipe a few years ago that included lemons! Thinking back, I have no idea how I was drinking that without a side of pepto 😐

I’m pretty sure eventually I will end up buying a bunch of faux lemons of my own but for now this centerpiece works just fine for me!

Simple Faux Floral Summer Arrangement -Lemon Inspired

For my arrangement I’m using one stem of yellow flowers (billy button), a eucalyptus bunch and two additional strands of my greenery…

Black and white gingham ribbon…

and a glass juice bottle for my vase.

(Pear juice, in case you were wondering, Goya brand. I know, the flavor and brand have nothing to do with all of this, unless you can’t find a similar bottle, and end up having to go out searching for this exact bottle, then this information would come in handy. This is in no way sponsored, if it were a long run on sentence probably wouldn’t be ok here)

I started by wrapping three strands of ribbon around the bottle, tying a knot twice around the front to secure then making a simple bow.

FYI: Because the bows are facing one side of the bottle, this arrangement would work best at a corner or against a wall. This honestly doesn’t bother me though. I’ve made many centerpieces with ribbon tied to one side and usually place it anywhere even if the “back” part is visible.

The placement of my flowers is very easy. I started with the yellow flowers, placing them right down the center…

my eucalyptus bunch off to one side…

and lastly, a couple of loose sprigs off to the other side…

Once all of my florals are in I then moved them around a bit until it looked the way I wanted and then gently pushed them down into my bottle just to make sure they stayed in place and that’s it.

Simple Faux Floral Summer Arrangement -Lemon Inspired - The Semi Organized Ant

Simple Faux Floral Summer Arrangement -Lemon Inspired - The Semi Organized Ant
A very simple and easy summer floral centerpiece.

Well that’s it for this one friends!

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way. May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come!