Wire Spring Wreath

Wire Spring Wreath

Wire Spring Wreath

Hello everyone! About a month ago I shared a spring wreath that I made a couple of years ago but never got around to sharing. That wreath really, really left me wanting to make another wreath.

I’ve actually started using wreaths all through out our apartment, (bedroom doors, empty wall spaces) so I knew I would find a spot for this one as well.

So I created this simple wire wreath using just a few items:

Faux florals, ribbon…

and I made a wire ring wreath using wire that my husband had laying around the house for other projects but hadn’t used for a while.

You can find very affordable wire wreaths in Dollar stores, craft stores and large discount stores like Walmart, and save yourself that extra step or DIY it like I did if you have some sturdy wire on hand.

Wire Spring Wreath

I’m using steel wire to create a ring wreath but as I mentioned above, you can find these in many different discount locations.

If you are making your own wreath here are a few tips:

You can use scotch tape to hold your circle in place as well as…

to cover any cut areas that may be sharp or sticking out, as mine was (see photo above).

faux flowers…

Bunched up to form a simple bouquet then held together with tape (good old tape)

I added a hand made bow…

and my florals were connected to the wire by using some ribbon to tie it around the back and finishing with some tape where ever needed to hold them around my wire. But you can use hot glue as well.

I hope this simple wire spring wreath inspires you to create something beautiful for your home today too!

Sending happy, safe, and healthy vibes your way. May God bless you and your family today and every beautiful day to come!